Thai security guard successfully fends off python, proceeds to win $85K lottery after


A lucky Thai factory security guard won the lottery after successfully fighting off a python that attacked him in his sleep.

What happened: Recounting the mind-blowing series of events to Thai media on Aug. 23, Sarayut Malachan, 68, said he managed to fend off the python after being bitten in the foot.

Seeking revenge: Malachan said the python was out for revenge since a few workers from the factory destroyed a tamarind tree, which was the snake's home, before the attack. Malachan and the workers found 10 eggs at the site, and the former claimed them and cooked them.

How he did it: Malachan, who claimed to have owned several snakes as pets in the past, told the media that he bit the snake’s tail to save himself.

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"If I didn't fight, I'd be dead," he said. "I could barely breath. Since a python's weakness is its tail, just bite at it. I grabbed its tail and bit, and it let me go."

His luck continues: Shortly after saving his own life, the security guard discovered he had also won a local lottery. He had previously purchased 10 tickets for the Aug. 16 draw and ended up winning 3 million Thai baht (approximately $85,670).

Not the first time: Malachan shared that he has already won the lottery in the past. He is reportedly planning on doing good deeds to increase his chances of winning a local lottery on Friday.

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