Thailand holds first official Pride parade in Bangkok

STORY: Also waving blue, pink, and white transgender flags, marchers made their way through the main streets of Bangkok. Some chanted and called for same-sex marriages to be legalized and for sex workers' rights.

Consultant Shane Ortega said the day of celebrations was exactly what the world needed.

"Right now, we are going through a time of darkness and so much beauty and color and people are expressive and free and liberated and I think for the people of Bangkok and for people globally, this is exactly what we need," Ortega said. "We are setting a precedent for our future and for our children. We making sure it's one of love, kindness and compassion."

Drag Queen Gun Punna, 56, who was dressed in rainbow clothes from head to toe, was calling for the acceptance of sexual diversity.

"I'm so happy that I get to express my identity. I get to tell people that there are people like us - LGBTQ - and we are not despicable or a shame for the society. Our presence provides happiness for myself and everyone."

In Thailand, two bills on LGBTQ+ couples, including one on civil partnerships, are waiting to go to parliament.

The civil partnership bill approved by the cabinet in 2020 would recognize same-sex unions with almost the same legal rights as married couples.