Thank goodness Ted Cruz knows how to stop school shootings: Just get rid of the doors

Michael Wyke/The Associated Press
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A tongue-in-cheek proposal

I never have thought much of Ted Cruz, our Harvard-educated Canada native in the Senate, but he has changed my mind. Our problem is not too many guns — it’s too many doors. (May 26,, “Do stricter gun laws work? Here are global examples of legislation that reduced deaths”) If every school had only one door, obviously we would have fewer school shootings.

Maybe Cruz should write legislation to limit all buildings to just one door. Doors aren’t protected by the Constitution, so it could not be overturned by the Supreme Court.

- Gene Bryant, Fort Worth

Uvalde shows we must arm teachers

The slow police response at Uvalde highlights just how unrealistic it is to rely on the police for protection. The sad truth is the police rarely if ever intervene in time to stop a crime in progress. So, it’s time for Sen. John Cornyn, in discussions in Congress, to forcefully advocate for providing more resources to support teachers and other staff to be armed, if they so choose, to stop these mass murders. Helping more teachers and staff to be trained will be effective.

- Richard Griffith, Elgin

If you don’t vote, you can’t win

We all see that we have a problem in this country. But it’s not with the National Rifle Association, the filibuster or the legislative process. It’s not with the Second Amendment, or with policing, or with mental health care. The problem is with voting.

If a majority of citizens support gun law changes, then a majority should be voting for people who also support those changes. Instead, a minority decides who is elected and what those elected officials do.

Politicians love it when people don’t vote. If only 10,000 people vote — when 150,000 should — then the politicians need to satisfy only that smaller group.

If a change to our gun laws will ever be possible, it will require different people elected. And that won’t happen until a majority of eligible voters actually vote.

- Tom Kelly, Arlington

Christ is diversity and inclusion

Catholic Charities Fort Worth President and CEO Christopher Plumlee recently resigned after clash with Bishop Michael Olson. (May 27, 9A, “Catholic Charities CEO resigns after rift with Fort Worth bishop”) A women’s summit planned by Catholic Charities “was in conflict with Catholic teachings and more similar to principles of diversity, equity and inclusion,” Olson wrote in a letter.

Diversity, equity and inclusion were the very tenants of Christ, along with love. God forbid we follow the model of Christ.

This is the very reason the Catholic Church is killing itself from within.

- Peg Sage, Haslet

High fuel prices hurt the neediest

Gas prices are astronomical — and that’s exactly how the president wants it.

Joe Biden is losing popularity with Americans, and fast, mostly because of swift inflation. The biggest consequence of this is the current price of gas. The president seems to approve of this, stating at a press conference that “the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels” when it’s over.

While Biden seems to think this crisis will simply be helping the environment by inspiring Americans to rely more on buying fuel efficient or electric cars, it hurts the general population. Those who are struggling just to fill up their tanks are nowhere near capable of investing in a more environmentally friendly vehicle.

- Benjamin Hedden, Fort Worth