Thanks to Fellow Officers, Newtown Police Don't Have to Work on Christmas Day

Thanks to Fellow Officers, Newtown Police Don't Have to Work on Christmas Day

The holidays have been rough for the Newtown Police Department, which is why officers from across Connecticut joining forces, so that not a single Newtown officer has to work on Christmas Day. The plan has been kept on the down low for the past few days, since the various police departments are making the effort not for the press but as a gesture of solidarity with their fellow officers. After whispers of the touching gesture from local law enforcement emerged on Twitter over the weekend, however, the Newtown Police Department confirmed the news in an interview with The Atlantic Wire on Monday. "They've been actually non-stop with their aid. It's pretty amazing," said Newtown police spokesperson Sergeant Steve Santucci said of his fellow Connecticut officers. "And tomorrow, they'll be at our assistance so that Newtown [officers] can be home with their families."

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But wait there's more. One of the only perks about working on Christmas Day is overtime and holiday pay. Just as they're not doing it for the press, though, many of the officers filling in at Newtown aren't interested in the money, so they're reportedly donating their paychecks to Newtown and Sandy Hill Elementary School charities. At least, those ones that are even accepting payment are. Santucci said that he knew some of the officers were volunteering their time on Tuesday but wasn't able to say who was making donations or how much money would be raised, since the Christmas Day pay would be coming from officers' hometown departments.

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Regardless of the money, this is a very welcome bit of heartwarming news in a town that's seen nothing but horror this holiday season. The rest of the country could use the jolt of good spirit, too, after yet another shooting occurred on Christmas Eve, when a gunman opened fire on a bunch of firefighters responding to a call near Rochester, New York. So even though it's hard to say Merry Christmas this year, at least we know the holiday spirit is everlasting.