Thanks to Finnair and Air Tahiti Nui, a single airfare can take you around the world

Finland's national airline will restart routes between Europe and Asia in July once countries begin to lift coronavirus restrictions on travel.

Air carriers Finnair and Air Tahiti Nui have teamed up to fulfill the dream of wandering souls everywhere, taking them around the world on a single ticket.

While Australian carrier Qantas prepares to launch direct flights between Sydney and London or New York by the end of the year, rivaling Singapore Airlines' non-stop flight between Singapore and New York (introduced back in the fall of 2018), Finnair is aiming even higher with a single ticket that will take jetsetters around the world and back.

By working with Air Tahiti Nui, Finnair will be offering travelers a flight from Helsinki to Papeete (Tahiti), with stopovers in Tokyo and Los Angeles.

Travelers should start saving now -- economy tickets start at €1,842, which is a fairly good deal considering that a round trip between Paris and Papeete on Air Tahiti Nui starts at €1,269. The trip, which is available now for booking, cannot be reserved online. Potential guests will have to purchase their fare from travel agents, according to information provided by Finnair.

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