If Thanksgiving costs are up, you can thank Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies | Opinion

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As Floridians gather to count their blessings this Thanksgiving, an affordable turkey won’t be on the list.

This Thanksgiving is on track to be the most expensive in holiday history. Fox News reported that the price of poultry is up 6.1% and ham has surged by 7.7%. Essential ingredients like spices are up 4.2% and eggs are costing 12.6% more. Shoppers can expect to pay extra for coffee, rolls, and baked goods, too. Experts predict holiday costs will rise as much as 5% from last year.

For this, you can thank President Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies. Biden has already spent $1.9 trillion and is on track to spend trillions more on his radical agenda. Americans across the country are feeling it in their paychecks and pocketbooks, with inflation remaining at its highest rate in over a decade. For the first six months of Biden’s presidency, higher prices have exceeded wage growth every month, wiping out pay raises and making the money Americans earn worth less. It’s no wonder 86% of Americans are worried about inflation and higher prices, and a mere 40% approve of Biden’s economic strategy.

Prices are up

In fact, families are paying more for everything — including gas. Floridians face the highest gas prices since 2014. Motorists in the Sunshine State are paying as much as $3.31 per gallon, an increase of $1.26 from this time last year and all because Biden threw away American energy independence. These price hikes hurt working families the most. Everyday duties like driving to work and picking up kids from school are all more expensive.

While Americans pay more, they’re getting less. Our supply chain crisis is causing empty shelves in grocery stores across America. Shipping delays may prevent families from receiving Christmas gifts on time. Even more concerning, they’re unable to get the essential medicine and prescriptions they need.

But it’s not from a shortage of goods — half a million shipping containers laden with supplies are currently stranded off the coast of Southern California. Instead, it’s because of labor shortages at every level, a consequence of Democrat policies that paid Americans to stay home instead of returning to work and vaccine mandates that are forcing staff to choose between medical freedom and their livelihoods. As a result, ports are operating at only 60% to 70% capacity. A truck driver shortage has resulted in 13 loads for every operating truck in California’s ports, and warehouses are quickly filling to capacity as goods wait to be transported. Union Pacific Railroad — America’s second largest rail company — has been overwhelmed with freight, causing cargo to pile up.

Small businesses are being hit hardest by the supply chain crisis. After suffering for a year under government-imposed lockdowns and labor shortages, these establishments are now struggling to get the goods they need. But as scarcity and inflation cause prices to rise, they’re worried they won’t be able to maintain their clientele.

Democrat policies are wreaking havoc in Florida and beyond, and it’s showing in the polls. A recent survey by NBC found that just 18% of voters strongly approve of Joe Biden. By contrast, 46% strongly disapprove — a near-majority. Not only that, Republicans hold an impressive lead on the issues that matter most to voters: border security, inflation, crime, national security, and the economy.

Gaining ground

Indeed, Republicans are leading the way with effective policies and a winning message. Gov. Ron DeSantis is encouraging ships to come to the Sunshine State, which has the capacity and staff to unload and transport cargo. Last month, Florida’s Port Manatee broke import records, serving as a model for the rest of the country.

It’s no wonder Republicans are gaining ground among Floridians. The advantage Democrats traditionally had on voter registration has disappeared. Many of these new Republicans belong to the Hispanic segment of the population; more than 100,000 Hispanic Americans have changed their party affiliation from Democrat to Republican since 2018. Thanks to this trend, Republicans outnumbered Democrats in voter registration, for the first time in state history . And as the Red Wave demonstrated last week, conservative and commonsense policies are resonating with more Americans every day. That momentum will only grow between now and next year’s midterm elections.

We’re working hard to maintain this momentum as we prepare for the 2022 midterm elections. We’re expanding our base by building relationships with voters Democrats have long taken for granted. We’re recruiting a deep bench of new candidates to run for office. Most importantly, we’re sharing our message of individual freedom, economic opportunity and prosperity with new audiences as we prepare to win races up and down the ballot.

Ronna McDaniel is chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC).