'That's definitely Dexter': Dog who escaped pet hotel, traveled two miles home caught on doorbell camera

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A couple visiting Las Vegas was in for a big surprise when they got a notification from their doorbell surveillance system in Kansas: their dog, Dexter, begging to get in.

Jeremy and Sarah Henson dropped off Dexter to a pet hotel in Lenexa in February before going hiking at Mount Zion National Park, Jeremy told USA TODAY. The couple then traveled to Las Vegas and was getting ready to hit the town when they got a notification on their Ring doorbell.

"We kept thinking it has to be another dog," Jeremy said. "Nope, that's definitely Dexter."

He said Dexter jumped a 6-foot-fence at the pet hotel and another 4-foot retainer fence to travel two miles back home.

Dexter the dog
Dexter the dog

Jeremy frantically started calling his sister and brother-in-law who live a mile away, while his wife called the pet hotel.

"I activated the Ring doorbell to calm Dexter down and he looked excited and didn't look freaked out," Dexter said.

The couple was worried about a blizzard coming in and didn't want him to run away before someone could grab him.

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Less than ten minutes later, a van from the pet hotel pulled up in front of their home and Dexter jumped right in.

When the Henson's returned from their trip, Jeremey said Dexter poked his head from around the corner and tackled him.

Dexter the dog tackling Jeremy Henson after he and his wife Sarah arrived from Las Vegas.
Dexter the dog tackling Jeremy Henson after he and his wife Sarah arrived from Las Vegas.

They believe Dexter knew how to get back home after spending hours walking him around the neighborhood including past the pet hotel twice.

"We always knew he was smart, it actually made sense he made it there," Jeremy said. "He gets himself into trouble with how smart he is."

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