And That's It For This New Porsche 911 GT3's Clutch

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Photo credit: Tik Tok / brennandietzz
Photo credit: Tik Tok / brennandietzz

Have you ever cringed so hard at a video you want to throw your phone into a river? That's how we felt this morning after watching the driver of this brand-new six-speed Porsche 911 GT3 try to maneuver around a parking lot without knowing how to drive stick. It's brutal to watch.

This clip, published to TikTok by user brennandietzz on Wednesday, shows a 2022 GT3 painted in Lava range being driven around a parking lot—likely somewhere in Oregon, judging by the plate—by someone who clearly doesn't know how to work a clutch pedal. The car can be heard revving all the way to its 9000 rpm redline as it struggles to inch forward. At many points, the engine's exhaust note clearly does not match the speed the car is traveling, signaling that whomever is behind the wheel is riding the clutch pedal. At one point, launch control inadvertently engages. Yikes.

The only person who seems to be alarmed by this situation is the cameraperson. Towards the end of the video you can hear them shouting "Oh my God, that is so wild!" as a passenger enters before the car presumably leaves the area.

The comment section is, unsurprisingly, full of gold. "Some people don’t deserve nice cars," reads a comments with over 1600 likes. "Is he doing it on purpose???" reads another. One commenter theorizes the car was "probably not even broken in yet," to which the original publisher of the video replied, "it wasn't." The video's original publisher commented on their own as well, saying "and it’s a great spec too🥲."

We're all for people learning to drive stick. It's what keeps our passion for cars alive, after all. And we're also for people buying manual GT3s, as it ensures Porsche will keep selling them into the future. There's no way to tell whether the driver of this car was indeed the owner, but if they were, we suggest a stick-shift lesson or two before getting behind the wheel again.

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