'The Climate Crisis Podcast': Navigating a planet on the brink

'The Climate Crisis Podcast': Navigating a planet on the brink

Presented by Yahoo News, “The Climate Crisis Podcast” is designed to help listeners gain an understanding about what is perhaps the most pressing issue facing humanity and the planet: rising global temperatures caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Hosts Ben Adler and David Knowles interview some of the leading scientists in the country to help explain how we came to this inflection point and what are the stakes going forward. The podcast lays out the science of climate change in a way that nonscientists can understand, and also explores the politics, messaging and disinformation that accompany the debate over how to fix a dire situation.

Episode 1: The stakes for COP26 in Glasgow

Episode 2: The Certainty of Climate Change w/ guest Daniel Swain

Episode 3: Urban Adaptation w/ guest Klaus Jacob

Episode 4: The stakes for COP26 in Glasgow

Episode 5: Water Cycle w/ Peter Gleick

Episode 6: Excitement Over Nuclear w/ guest Energy Secretary Granholm

Episode 7: COP26 Week 1 Recap

Episode 8: The Climate Crisis Corruption Challenge w/ guest Samantha Power

Episode 9: Tuvalu is sinking w/ Finance Minister Seve Paeniu

Episode 10: Systemic Racism in Highway Design w/ Pete Buttigieg

Episode 11: Attempt to mobilize older Americans w/ guest Bill McKibben

Episode 12: Climate reparations through carbon removal w/ David Wallace-Wells

Episode 13: Climate justice w/ IPCC author Adelle Thomas

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