'The Great British Bake Off': Who couldn't stand the heat in the kitchen for '80s week?

Katie Archer
Prue, Paul, Matt and Noel.
Prue, Paul, Matt and Noel.

The Great British Bake Off has seen its seventh baker, Lottie, leave in one of the toughest challenges the show has ever seen – making an ice cream cake on the third hottest day on record.

It was ‘80s theme week in the Bake Off tent, which meant a showstopper of an ice cream layer cake was on the menu.

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But judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith hadn’t banked on the episode being filmed during the summer’s heatwave, including the third hottest day on record.

As the temperature soared, the bakers struggled to get their ice cream to set, but Lottie had a nightmare getting her cake to stay in one piece after opting to coat the outside of her bake in ice cream, which melted in a puddle.

Laura had a disaster, too, when she forgot to press the freeze button on her ice cream churner, leaving her with a collapsing cake.

But ultimately, the judges decided they were less impressed with Lottie’s effort as it lacked flavour, while Laura’s cake tasted good despite not being fully set.

The contestants attempted to cool down by chilling in the tent’s freezers between challenges, while Hollywood left viewers with an uncomfortable mental image when he admitted he’d had to peel his jeans off after the first day of filming.

Other challenges in the episode included making quiches and finger doughnuts, although some viewers argued that they were not iconic ‘80s bakes.

One baker who managed to keep her cool in ‘80s week was Hermine, a worthy winner of the Star Baker title after making quiches that Hollywood deemed delicious, winning the technical challenge, and bowling over Leith with her mango ice cream cake.

Viewers’ hearts melted as her son came running in to tell his mum how proud he was of her.

Hermine heads into the show’s eighth round next week alongside Peter, Marc, Dave and Laura.

The Great British Bake Off continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.