THE KOXX To Perform At Fuji Rock Festival

[by You-bin Ha] Rock band THE KOXX came back after 2 years and will perform its first come back stage at Fuji Rock Festival, one of the biggest rock festivals in Japan.

It’s unusual that a group, who had a long gap, performs at a festival abroad. With this, THE KOXX proved its constant popularity and we can easily realize how foreign fans were looking forward to the group’s comeback.

In addition, THE KOXX is now the only band who participated at the two biggest rock festivals in Japan, Fuji Rock Festival and Summer Sonic. Fuji Rock Festival is a music festival in Niigata’s Naeba resort and is considered as the world’s top festival. Plenty of artists from different countries will also perform such as MUSE, Noel Gallagher and Foo Fighters.

The group’s agency Happy Robot said, “The band is actually working very hard to release its new album within this year and will be very active to fill in the 2-year gap”. THE KOXX had to stop its activities for 2 years since the members entered the military service.  

On another note, THE KOXX is one of the most representative bands of Hongdae and had a favorable response from the public with its songs. The group holds its place as global band by performing at diverse festivals abroad such as Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Europe. Furthermore, the group’s first album ‘ACCESS OK’ was at the 4th place of The Best Albums Of 2011 chosen by MTV iggy and won several awards. (photo by Happy Robot)

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