The London parking space you don't want: Ford Focus stuck for two weeks after builders install bollards

David Harding
Blocked in - the car after being sandwiched in by three bollards (SWNS)

It is pretty hard finding a parking spot in London.

But one driver who did has been unable to use their car for at least two weeks because bungling street workers surrounded it with bollards.

Locals said when the driver of the Ford Focus 2007 parked the car on the space off Eardley Road, in south-west London, there was a clear route back onto the road.

The Ford Focus 2007 has been stuck off Eardley Road by Streatham Common, London, for the past two weeks (SWNS)

But that did not last for long.

When the driver returned, there were three new posts set into the concrete between the car and the road.

Local resident Tom Webster said the car has been trapped in the tiny space for at least two weeks.

He added: "I was just walking by, when I saw it - and, admittedly, I did do a double-take.

"There used to often be a couple of cars parked there, but one obviously wasn't moved before the posts went up.

"I don't know who it belongs to, and I've not seen anyone by it during that time."


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The three bollards (SWNS)

He added: "It's not something you see very often."

Wandsworth Council, which manages the area where the car is stuck, has been approached for comment.

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