Theater Operations Optimistic Vaccines Will Speed Return Of Live Performances

The Boch Center - Wang Theater when from a staff of 500 to 15 people last year.

Video Transcript

- Nationwide vaccine rollout has theater operators feeling optimistic live performance will return. For more than a full year now, the 3,500 seats at the Boch Center Wang Theater have been empty. The Boston theater went from a staff of 500 to just 15 people, but CEO Joe Spaulding told us he's hopeful.

- Our model was to open in September or October. And we're thinking we might make that. But the next month is going to be critical because all the artists have to make a decision on where they're going to tour.

- Spaulding says help will also come from the American Rescue Act. It includes $16 billion to help museums, theaters, and more.