Theaters, Other Businesses Begin Reopening In LA County With Limited Capacity

Following news of Los Angeles County moving toward the red tier which would allow movie theaters, among other businesses to reopen with limited capacity, businesses are ready to welcome patrons back. Jeff Nguyen reports.

Video Transcript

- Well, museums, gyms, zoos, aquariums, movie theaters, they are all open for business now in limited capacity as local counties move into the less red restrictive tier.

- But health officials warn to not let our guard down. KCAL 9's Jeff Nguyen shows us how these changes are being welcomed.

JEFF NGUYEN: Walk into this theater, and you are reminded of the importance of social distancing and handwashing. And the staff will be cleaning the facilities routinely. But for moviegoers, it's all about getting their hands on that theater popcorn.

- We're watching "Tom and Jerry" and well, we know it's going to be really funny.

JEFF NGUYEN: Maria Rocko and her crew went straight to the concession counter after checking into the Cinemark in Playa Vista. The CEO says his theater chain will open about 60 locations in California by next week. Maximum capacity, 25%.

- Literally they've been closed for 362 days. And Los Angeles is the last major metropolitan area to open up theaters.

JEFF NGUYEN: Now that much of Southern California is in the red tier, restaurants can also welcome customers indoors again at 25%. The owner of All India Cafe says it's been tough with the winter weather.

- It definitely does give us a little bit of relief that people can sit inside as well.

JEFF NGUYEN: But at Bea Bea's in Glendale, management is only offering outdoor seating for now.

- We're trying to get everyone vaccinated first.

JEFF NGUYEN: We saw plenty of people choosing to eat outdoors even with the light rain, including Bernado Parata.

- I prefer eating outside just because it just feels safer.

JEFF NGUYEN: Back at Cinemark, the Rocko family is visiting from Nashville, where entertainment venues have been closed.

- For it to be-- the movie theaters to be open here is a huge deal.

JEFF NGUYEN: Throughout the chain, the transactions are cashless. And that starts from ticket buying to the concession stands where you can pay for your snacks with a credit card or a gift card. In Paya Vista, Jeff Nguyen, KCAL 9 News.