‘Get them inside’: Local veterinarian offers reminder to bring in pets during cold snap

AVON LAKE, Ohio (WJW) –- The cold weather recently has been extremely harsh on not only residents of Northeast Ohio but their pets as well.

Dr. Frank Krupka, of Avon Lake Animal Clinic, has seen plenty of pets come in for treatments due to cold weather exposure.

Winter Storm Watch issued in NE Ohio counties

“Putting the dog out back on the chain and leaving it outside for a half an hour, that dog is going to get really cold really quickly,” Krupka said.

Krupka said it only takes a matter of minutes for pets to get frostbite. The combination of moisture and extreme cold can be deadly.

“A dry environment is key, out of the wind is necessity right now, so we’re not getting the wind chills hitting these poor pets, and making sure water bowls are checked regularly,” he said.

Krupka said pets of all types can be affected by the weather, from birds and turtles to dogs and cats.

Feral or outdoor cats can also climb into the engine block area of a car to stay warm during these times. Krupka suggests honking the horn a couple of times before starting the car can help scare them out, avoiding them being trapped, injured, or killed.

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Krupka simply explains if you’re cold outside, your pet will be too.

“The most important thing is if you can bring them inside, let’s get them inside,” Krupka said. “It’s only for a couple of days and then our warmer weather is going to return again. We committed to them to take care of them. And part of that commitment is maybe going a little out of our way to take care of them this time of year.”

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