Get them what they really want for Valentine’s Day: Midlands Waffle House reservations

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The moment has arrived.

This Valentine’s Day, you’ll be able to make evening reservations at a world-famous restaurant. The table will be decorated, candlelight will be flickering, and soft music will be playing.

It will be the perfect time to reach across the table, take your date by the hand, look them in the eye and pop the question: “Baby, do you want your hash browns scattered and covered?”

As has become tradition in recent years, select Waffle House locations across the country, including a couple in the Midlands, will be taking reservations for the evening of Feb. 14.

Waffle House, the yellow-signed, 24-hour roadside diner that is ubiquitous across the South, has long been known for its waffles, sandwiches, trademark hash browns and strong coffee. Whether it’s breakfast before work or steak and eggs at 2 a.m. after a night at the club, Waffle House is where many folks eventually show up.

But it’s also become a Valentine’s Day spot. Company spokeswoman Njeri Boss said certain locations will take on a more romantic tone on Cupid’s big day.

“Customers who reserve a spot will be welcomed by tablecloths at the booths, festive decorations, meals by candlelight and a special jukebox playlist designed just for the evening,” Boss said.

Two Midlands Waffle Houses will be participating in the Valentine’s Day event. One of them is the spot at 7428 Garners Ferry Road. To make reservations there, call (803) 837-8865 and ask for Carissa. The other Midlands location is at 1036 S. Lake Drive in Lexington. For reservation info there, call (803) 359-5433 and ask for Diane Lee.

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