There's Still Confusion Over Who Can Get A Shot At A New Vaccination Site

A new mass vaccination site opens this Friday in west suburban Forest Park. The added site comes as Cook County moves into the so-called Phase 1B+ category of the vaccination plan. But there's still confusion over where you can go. CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey reports.

Video Transcript

MEGAN HICKEY: Right, Brad and Irika, the city just announced they've expanded who can get vaccinated here at the United Center by zip code. It's these people who live in these 17 zip codes. We'll have this information on our website. And if it feels like eligibility requirements are constantly changing, it's because in many places, they are.

In a nutshell, today in Illinois--

SARAH SUMMERS: The whole state, higher education staff, government workers, and media staff-- they're able to get vaccinated. But in the city of Chicago, they have to wait another week before they're eligible. So it's so complicated.

- Not to mention the pharmacies and the clinics have their own eligibility requirements. So it's kind of-- it's hopeless.

MEGAN HICKEY: Chicago vaccine angels Sarah Summers and Gisele Gover tell me they've been having to explain to Chicago residents that city officials decided to bypass the intermediate 1B plus phase, in favor of a March 29 move to phase 1C. And Chicago vaccine angel Karoliina Ash tells me it can be an emotional discussion.

KAROLINA ASH: It's incredibly heartbreaking. I had to work with someone who had cancer last week to tell them that they're not eligible in most of the sites in the city of Chicago. And that despite their health condition and their inability to travel, that while their friends may be getting vaccinated, they couldn't.

MEGAN HICKEY: These good Samaritans say they do tell Chicagoans looking to get vaccinated who don't make the cut to drive outside of Chicago, many of the sites downstate. But that's only if they have the time and the resources to get there. Others have had luck at local pharmacies. They're all looking forward to April, when it looks like everyone over the age of 16 who wants a shot can finally get one.

SARAH SUMMERS: More people are going to be contacting us for appointments, and more people are going to be eligible. And I just hope that there's enough vaccines once everyone's eligible.

MEGAN HICKEY: Now final preps are underway here at the drive-thru site at the United Center, which is slated to open tomorrow. Both the drive-thru and the walk-in, those are both going to be open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily. Live at the United Center, Megan Hickey, CBS2 Investigators.