How ‘7 Prisoners’ Star Rodrigo Santoro ‘Completely Transforms’ for Human Trafficking Drama

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For his human trafficking drama coming soon to Netflix, director Alexandre Moratto looked to Brazilian star Rodrigo Santoro to play the film’s menacing villain Luca. But though Santoro stands out in “Love, Actually,” “300,” “Westworld” and “Lost,” Moratto argues that he’s nearly unrecognizable in this film. “Some people don’t even recognize him in this role, because he completely transforms himself for the film,” Moratto told TheWrap at the Toronto International Film Festival. “He’s such a massive global star, and the fact that people are doing a double take, it just shows the great lengths he went to to completely transform himself for this role.” “7 Prisoners” made its premiere at TIFF and is the story of a rural worker in Brazil named Mateus (Christian Malheiros) who travels with a group of other young men for a job in Sao Paolo at a junkyard. Over time they learn that they’ve been trapped in a vicious cycle of work and aren’t allowed to leave by Luca, who oversees the junkyard and becomes something of a slave driver.

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