Thief swipes woman’s wallet but leaves her vaccine card behind

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TikToker Katie Risher had her wallet stolen but the alleged thief left behind her vaccine card.  (Katie Risher / TikTok)
TikToker Katie Risher had her wallet stolen but the alleged thief left behind her vaccine card. (Katie Risher / TikTok)

TikToker Katie Risher came back to her car only to see its windows smashed in and her wallet stolen in an alleged robbery.

But in a video posted on Wednesday, the TikToker shows that the supposed thief took her Covid-19 vaccine card out of her wallet and left it clearly displayed on the front seat on top of broken glass and other debris from the robbery’s aftermath.

“When the guy who breaks into your car is nice enough to take your vaccination card out of your wallet and leave it for you,” the video states.

Commenters suggested it was a way of flirting.

“Lowkey he was prolly flirting w u,” @savstark wrote.

“Y’all should date,” @bolittle3 commented.

Other people joining the comment section shared similar stories of having belongings stolen.

“This is like when someone got my credit card info and made a donation to the Red Cross… had to explain to the bank person that I didn’t donate,” @woahwhillee wrote.

“Once I was in the process of moving so everything was in my car [and] it got broken into and they took everything but my [dad’s] rosary,” @fallingbee added.

“This happened to me but they took out my baby’s ultrasound,” user @stefidelmar wrote.

About 58 per cent of American adults have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Compared to other countries, that’s a high figure, but it’s still way off the between 70 and 90 per cent some scientists believe is necessary to achieve herd immunity.

Across the US, the number of Covid-19 cases is steady, but those numbers are hiding two increasingly separate Americas, where cases continue to plummet in urban and suburban areas, but rise in more rural and less populated areas that trend more conservative and where people are more hesitant to get vaccinated.

According to the most recent Kaiser Family Foundation Poll, 72 per cent of adult urban residents have received at least one dose – while the same is true for only 54 per cent of adults who live in more rural areas.

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