Thieves seen dragging ATM out of South Loop salon

"I think it was literally like, not even a whole minute, they were in and out," manager Mariana Jimenez said.

Video Transcript

JESSE KIRSCH: Tonight, still no word from Chicago police on if these crimes are connected. But now this South Loop spa partially boarded up. Just one of the businesses hit overnight.

This newly released surveillance video appears to show hooded thieves breaking into the OMG Spa, dragging its ATM out a shattered door before driving off early this morning. Spa manager Mariana Jimenez says nothing else was taken. But she wonders if the salon was deliberately targeted.

Detectives are looking into multiple overnight thefts. Around 1:00 AM, three luxury vehicles stolen from the Hertz car rental near O'Hare, according to police, who say thieves took two Infinity's and a Range Rover. Roughly two hours later, this Northwest side bar smashed in, where police say an ATM was missing. Next, burglars hitting OMG.

MARIANA JIMENEZ: Shattered glass everywhere. But luckily, no one got hurt.

JESSE KIRSCH: Soon after, a nearby dry cleaners damaged. The manager there telling me nothing was stolen.

Tonight, still no word from investigators on arrests or possible connections. But police say a witness saw a suspect flee the bar in a white SUV. Surveillance video from the spa appears to show those thieves also driving off in a white SUV. And around 7:00 AM, police converged on a white Infinity SUV in the 1800 block of South Lawndale. Our camera spotting police take someone into custody before 9:00 AM.

MARIANA JIMENEZ: People might be scared to even come down here now. You never know.

JESSE KIRSCH: The spa manager also telling me she's not sure she wants the ATM back, because she doesn't want to be robbed again.