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Thieves steal from handyman helping victims of winter storm

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"It's hard times for people. It's very hard, and for someone to come and take a working man's stuff, it's very difficult," he said.

Video Transcript

CARL WRIGHT: I wasn't going to work today, but my boss told me he'd give me hell.

JESSICA WILLEY: Carl Wright is determined to hold someone accountable.

CARL WRIGHT: I'm a working man that works paycheck to paycheck.

JESSICA WILLEY: Yesterday afternoon, two people inside this van stole an important part of his livelihood.

CARL WRIGHT: I work for a handyman service.

JESSICA WILLEY: His toolbox with $2,500 worth of tools inside that he spent three years accumulating. What's a handyman without all those tools?

CARL WRIGHT: He's not a handyman. [LAUGHING] He's not a handyman.

JESSICA WILLEY: A security camera at Carl's apartment complex in Dickinson caught the thieves in action. A Brown GMC conversion van with tinted windows and custom rims backed in right next to Carl's truck. One guy took the box while the driver got out for a short time before getting back in and pulling away. When Carl realized his toolbox was gone, he reported it to Dickinson police.

CARL WRIGHT: It's hard times for people. I mean, it's very hard. And for somebody to come and just-- they take a working man's stuff. And it makes it very difficult.

JESSICA WILLEY: And Carl was already facing difficulty.

CARL WRIGHT: My hand was about 2 and 1/2 times the size it should be.

JESSICA WILLEY: While working to repair broken pipes last week, he was bitten by a spider, the bite so bad it required a hospital stay. Carl says he'll manage to work by borrowing tools or taking hand me downs. While he can purchase more, he does hope the men in the brown van are caught.

CARL WRIGHT: They might not get my tools back. But they won't do it to somebody else.

JESSICA WILLEY: In Dickinson, Jessica Willey, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.