Thieves Target Several Cluster Mailboxes In Natomas Subdivisions

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) ? Natomas neighbors are being warned to be on the lookout after a series of mailbox thefts. It’s happened so many times the city council is stepping in to make sure people are aware. It’s a crime that’s happened not once, not twice, but eight times in several Natomas subdivisions. “The whole thing was broken into,? said George Minor, president of his homeowners’ association. ?It looked like they took a crowbar, or something, and just pried open all the boxes.” Mike Wiley’s cluster mailbox was hit by a thief this past summer. ?Our box was hit first and it was actually hit twice,? said Wiley. Luckily nothing important was stolen he says. “I think everybody feels violated. You feel like there’s potential identity theft,? said Wiley. But the crime’s impact lasted much longer than the victims ever expected. “Got a lot of complaints about people had to go to the post office everyday, which is not convenient to pick up the mail,” said Minor. They say it took the post office about six weeks to replace the mailbox. “So it’s an inconvenience, but certainly you feel violated,” said Wiley. Meanwhile, the thief still on the prowl, continued to hit mailboxes in other Natomas subdivisions. Now people are being told to be alert and aware of the persistent postal problem. “They must’ve been here at nighttime, and nobody heard them. Nobody reported anything,” said Minor. The post office says they were behind on making repairs in the summer, but they usually make repairs within a couple days. This is not only a felony crime, but also a federal one.

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