All the things that don't make sense about And Just Like That

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Like the rest of the internet, we have been obsessed with our weekly viewings of And Just Like That. Who needs plans on a Thursday evening when you can stay in to watch the Sex And The City revival? Seriously, it's been the ultimate cure to the January blues.

And yet, as some fans have pointed out, there have been a *few* things about the revival that have been a little confusing. Here's a rundown of all the And Just Like That things that need a bit more explaining, please.

Miranda Hobbes' character development

While it's inevitable that the characters would go through *some* changes considering the time jump between Sex And The City and And Just Like That, many fans have questioned whether Miranda's development is accurate. Would the Harvard law-grad we know and love actually be making such rash decisions? Would the powerhouse, no-nonsense Capricorn let her son behave in such a way? And, after years of breaking up and coming back together again, would Miranda really let her marriage to Steve fall apart without even the suggestion of counselling? Hmm.

Photo credit: HBO / NOW
Photo credit: HBO / NOW

Carrie's baguette bag

One OG SATC reference that you might have missed comes in the form of Carrie's purple sequin Fendi baguette bag, which she's seen holding in episode three of AJLT.

Fans have pointed out that its appearance actually signifies an unexplained plot hole: Carrie actually had the bag stolen by a mugger in an episode titled 'What Goes Around Comes Around' (S3 E17). The scene saw the thief ask Carrie for her bag, giving way to Carrie's hilarious response: "Actually, it’s a baguette." Er, can someone explain its return?

The dating apps

In the seventh episode of the new series, Carrie's new friend Seema (played by Sarita Choudhury) encourages her to join dating apps, following the death of husband Mr. Big. After Carrie 'likes' three profiles, she's matched with fellow widower Peter, who seems like a catch indeed. This didn't go down too well with fans who were quick to call out the show's unrealistic portrayal of dating apps, pointing out that there's usually a lot more swiping involved.

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

Steve's short straw

Now that we've established the ages of the Sex And The City characters (roughly 50 - 55, FYI) people have been wondering why Miranda's husband Steve has been portrayed in quite such an unflattering way. *Of course* it's not surprising that your hearing can diminish as you get older, but people are wondering why he's presented as sexually incompetent and, well, a bit of a pushover. And why is she so ready to cheat on him?!

Photo credit: NOW
Photo credit: NOW

Carrie's apartment makeover

Another thing about And Just Like That that doesn't *really* make sense to fans is Carrie's apartment. In the first Sex And The City movie, Carrie is still living in her original apartment, though the walls have been painted turquoise instead of the plain white from the original show. In the second movie, Carrie and Big move into a bigger apartment, but keep Carrie's apartment as a place for her to write from (the turquoise walls are still in tact.)

In And Just Like That, when Carrie moves back into her brownstone apartment following her husband's death, not only is the decor is SO different, but it's much bigger too. What's the pink corridor? What's the blue floral wallpaper? Where have the blue walls gone?

Still going to watch every episode on repeat, tbh.

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