What You've Been Cleaning Wrong And How To Do It Properly According To The Internet

I can say with 100% certainty that cleaning is not my favorite activity. However, I happen to be very good at it.

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I'm always looking for new and innovative ways to organize my items. I watch many videos and read research on the proper way to clean specific places or things. I'm sure there are some details that people might not know about cleaning, including myself.

Here are the proper ways to clean courtesy of the BuzzFeed Community members and Redditors.

1."I bought a 2L pump pressure sprayer. I add vinegar, washing-up liquid, and water. That mixture is the best bathtub and shower cleaner ever. The spray is fine enough to not be wasteful. I spray the surfaces after every shower and it comes off when I next shower. Super clean - I haven't 'properly' cleaned my bathtub shower since!"

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2."Read the care labels on your clothes and follow them. Your clothes will last longer and look better. Wash your towels, sheets, and clothes separately. Also, add laundry detergent while the tub is filling up and once it's 1/3 filled, then add your clothes. It may seem like too much extra time, but it becomes second nature quickly and, really, compared to the money and time it takes to go and buy new stuff... I'll never go back."

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3."I used to dust every week with a normal cloth and furniture polish...the dust would just fly around and settle down again on the surfaces. These days I take a slightly damp cloth to everything (obvs keep it away from electricals) and I now dust maybe once or twice a month. Also, window cleaner on mirrors works like a charm."

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4."When washing dishes, don't just dump everything in the sink and fill it up with soapy water. Your soap will degrade quick. Instead, wash each dish over the other dirty dishes, and pour each bit of dirty water into the next big dish to use for scrubbing. Then you place the clean dish into the hot soapy water to remove the last bits of oil and grease. This works best in a two-compartment sink where you can have your next-to-be-cleaned dishes in the rinse side, because you will be running hot soapy water into the 'to be washed' dishes every time you rinse a pan that came out of your hot, soapy, and mostly clean scrub water. Also, wash dishes in cleanest to dirtiest order. Start with cooking utensils, like knives, cutting boards, and stir spoons, then move on to your pots and pans. At the end, your wash water will look like you could do another load of dishes with it, and nothing comes out greasy."

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5."I pretty much hate cleaning and avoid it as often as I can, but I am proud of myself for finding out that my dishwasher has a filter that needs to be cleaned at least once a year! It's pretty easy to, just unscrew it and rinse it in the sink and re-screw it in!"

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6."If you use biological detergent, your laundry will get just as clean in cold water as hot. Cold water is better for the fabric as well as using way less energy."

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7."You do not need Windex! I will never buy it again... All you need is a damp cloth and a really good polishing cloth. Wipe your surface with the damp cloth and polish it with the polishing cloth. Crystal clear every single time!"

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8."If you're doing a bathroom, fill the sink with hot water and add your cleaning agent of choice. Dip rag in there, wring it out, then wipe everything down, with strokes going toward the sink. Pull all the dust/grime into the sink. Once you're done with wet wiping everything down, go over it all again with a dry rag."

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9."Also love rags. Use them always. Get a bin that you can toss dirty ones into without mixing them into your other laundry. Then wash them separately on HOT with detergent and borax and never use fabric softener on them. They will be your friends for a long time."

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10."If you need to scrub use baking soda and water. It is nontoxic and great for cleaning almost everything."

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11."The golden rule is don't mix cleaning products!"

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12."Fill a microwave-safe bowl halfway with water and lemon juice. Run on high for five to 10 minutes. Let the bowl cool a bit, and remove the bowl. The steam should loosen any caked-on grit. Grab sponge/cloth, wipe clean."

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13."If it cannot be cleaned with vinegar, blue Dawn soap (mix blue Dawn with the vinegar for extra super amazing cleaner on the cheap)."

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14."1/2 cup white vinegar (heated), 1/2 cup original blue Dawn dish soap, four tablespoons baking soda. Spread the mixture on the bottom of tub/shower and let it sit for about two hours. Wipe clean and voila!"

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15."Use comet on a damp sponge to make a paste, use this on glass top stoves to get burned on crap. You can also use this paste to get watermarks off of your faucets and things in the shower and on sinks."

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16."I'm not a professional, but skip crap like 409 and buy something concentrated and a $1 spray bottle from your local hardware store. I like Mr. Clean. Putting just a quarter teaspoon or so in the bottle is enough to clean with, so the bottle of cleaner lasts a really long time. Vinegar works too, but I'd rather smell Mr. Clean than vinegar and a bottle will last you years when you dilute it."

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17."Buy a pumice stone. Use a pumice stone. Cleans ceramics super well."

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18."Wear gloves if you're doing heavy scrubbing with a magic eraser. They're actually a mild abrasive and will make a real mess of your skin if you use them for any length of time!"

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19."My mom used to clean houses, the best tip she taught me was for stains on the carpet. Scrub with hot water, put baking soda on the wet area to absorb the moisture, then vacuum up the baking soda a bit later."

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