20 Of The Absolute Dumbest Things People Really Said So Far In 2022

1.On water supply:

person confusing ocean aand oatt shin

2.On the 1920s:

person mixing up roariing and rolling

3.On goals:

person sayiing new years revolution

4.On blood:

person mixinig up tetanus and tennis

5.On ailments:

perseon spelling asthma as eggsthma

6.On gas:

person spelling asinine as ass nine

7.On manipulation:


8.On toilet flora:

person saying toilet trees instead of toiletrees

9.On deal of a lifetime:

person trying to sell a used xmas tree

10.On diets:

person mixing up the word carnivore and carnival

11.On defense:

person confusing the word upon and a-pong

12.On temp:

person confusing degrees and the grease

13.On engines:

person saying starch your engines instead of start your engines

14.On Facebook's new name:

person saying meta is an anagram of meat so they don't trust that

15.On dinner:

person saying strum bowling instead of strom boli

16.On proxies:

person saying you have munchkin house by proxy

17.On women:

person confusing the word orgasm and organism

18.On frights:

person saying heart of tack instead of heart aattack

19.On friends and enemies:

person confusing latter and ladder

20.And on partners:

person confusing granted and grandad

Ain't it the truth.

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