Thinking of moving? Better get moving on finding movers

Southern California's blistering-hot real estate market isn't just driving up prices -- it's also driving sellers crazy trying to find a moving company.

Video Transcript

ANCHOR: The pandemic has led to an exodus of people living in more populated areas of California, much of it due to a combination of the high cost of living and the new ability to work from home. And as Eyewitness News reporter Rob Hayes shows you, all that relocating has made it hard to hire a moving company.

ROB HAYES: Southern California's real estate market isn't just hot. It's blistering hot.

JASON BERNS: But real estate is one of those industries which has really gone gangbusters in the last 13, 14 months.

ROB HAYES: Jason and Laura Berns have been in the middle of the home sale frenzy, and it's popping. Zillow data show in December alone, more than 8,700 homes switched to pending sale status. That's a 21% jump from a year before.

Multiple offers have house prices taking off, spurring even more people to list their homes. And selling a house means calling these guys.


Movers. But good luck finding one.

PATRICK LONGO: So people are calling up, hey, I need a mover. Unfortunately, we're booked up for the next month.

ROB HAYES: Patrick and Jill Longo own Andy's Transfer and Storage in Glendale, a business that's celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. During that time, their business has seen surges in local moves and out-of-state moves. But the current market is something they've never seen before.

JILL LONGO: This is the first time that we've truly seen both hit at the same time.

ROB HAYES: That matters because a lot of these trucks, as well as do-it-yourself moving trucks, are headed to other states and having a hard time finding their way back to the Golden State.

JILL LONGO: Right now, it's such a volume out of California that these guys aren't getting shipments back in.


JILL LONGO: It's an exodus.

ROB HAYES: The Berns are trying their best to help clients stuck without movers. In the past, they've let customers borrow their cargo truck for local moves. But one of their last sellers headed well outside LA County.

LAURA BERNS: And they took it all the way to Texas, and then they hired someone to drive it back.

ROB HAYES: The folks at Andy's Transfer will tell you the key is to not procrastinate. Plan ahead, way ahead, when it comes to finding a mover.

PATRICK LONGO: The last thing you think about sometimes is how am I going to get this stuff out. Oh, I'll just call a mover, or I'll get a truck. And unfortunately, if you wait too long, you're not going to be able to get the service.

ROB HAYES: The message? If you need to move soon, you better get moving now.