Third Connecticut ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant in two weeks to compete Thursday. Just look for his bright yellow glasses.

Yet another “Jeopardy!” contestant from Connecticut will compete on the quiz show today, the third in the past two weeks.

John Guszkowski of Pomfret has been waiting 25 years for a chance to appear on the show. He started submitting applications to be a contestant in the 1990s, before the internet changed the process.

“You would send in a postcard. I mailed in 100 postcards and got an audition in Boston, but I didn’t get picked,” Guszkowski said. He’s applied a dozen times since; the game allows hopeful contestants to resubmit every 18 months. “The odds are just bad.”

A family connection may have helped him finally achieve his dream.

“My kid was on the “Jeopardy! College Championship last year. They got on immediately,” he said.

Gus Guszkowski, who was then a Dartmouth student, made it to the tournament’s quarterfinals.

“They did me the favor of being delightful and charming on the set, and put in a good word for me with the contestant coordinators.

Guszkowski is the founder of the Vernon-based Tyche Planning & Policy Group, which specializes in land use and sustainable community development planning.

“The name of the company comes from Gus as well,” Guszkowski said. “They studied ancient Greek and Roman history and I asked if they could think of something appropriate.” Tyche is the Greek goddess responsible for the good fortune of cities.

Guszkowski likes to wear brightly colored eyeglasses. He says his yellow glasses have already been commented on by those who’ve seen promotional photos of his “Jeopardy!” appearances. A bit of “Jeopardy!”-worthy trivia regarding the glasses: Yellow eyeglasses were also worn exactly a year earlier on the show by contestant Rhone Talsma when he unseated 40-game champion Amy Schneider.

You can’t see them, but he also wore what he calls “crazy shoes” to his “Jeopardy!” taping, which happened in early December.

“I developed an obsession with a certain shoe designer, John Fluevog. They’re really different. I’ve got a dozen pairs,” Guszkowski said.

Since they stand at podiums, contestants’ feet aren’t on camera, but when “Jeopardy!” host Ken Jennings came to the podiums to chat with the contestants, he noticed and commented on Guszkowski’s footwear. “Our one-on-one conversation time with him was very limited,” Guszkowski says, “but he’s a charming guy.”

This week on “Jeopardy!” has been distinguished by Troy Meyer, who as of Tuesday had won four games and $137,600. The show tapes multiple episodes in a day. “I was on the fourth episode of the day,” Guszkowski said, “so when we showed up, Troy Meyer was there. If you Google him, you’ll see he is considered one of the best trivia minds in the world.”

Guszkowski didn’t have much time to be starstruck by either Jennings or Meyer. Being on the show, he said, is “an incredibly intense experience. It goes by really fast. Even later that day, you can’t remember what questions you were asked, or what the categories were.”

When he watches the broadcast Thursday night, some of the game will feel as new to him as any of the viewers who hadn’t been standing on that stage that day.

Besides the two Guszkowskis, recent “Jeopardy!” contestants from Connecticut include the dean of academics at Woodstock Academy Michael Harten and Yale University Ph.D. student Xanni Brown, who both appeared on the Nov. 28 episode. Just last week, “Jeopardy!” featured Katie Palumbo, who works at Mystic Seaport, on Monday and Tuesday’s episodes and Alec Wang of Avon on Wednesday. Palumbo won over $25,000.

The most successful Connecticut contestant on Jeopardy! has been Yale grad student Matt Amodio, who won 38 games and around $1.5 million on the show in late 2021 and early 2022.

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