Third domestically-produced mine clearance vehicle presented in Ukraine

Photo: Ukraine’s Economy Ministry
Photo: Ukraine’s Economy Ministry

The third model of a domestically-produced mine clearance vehicle created by Ukrainian company efarm pro, jointly with Sumy-based agricultural machinery manufacturers, has been unveiled in Ukraine.

Source: press service for the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine

Details: The ministry noted that it pays great attention to supporting domestic inventors and manufacturers working in the field of mine clearance. Establishing production of the necessary machinery and equipment in Ukraine will make it possible to meet the needs of operators faster and at a lower cost.

It will also generate new jobs for people in the industry and revenue for the budget.

Ihor Bezkaravainyi, Ukraine's Deputy Economy Minister, said the new mine clearance vehicle is as good as its finest Western counterparts.

The Ukrainian vehicle is built on the chassis of a T-156 tractor and is capable of clearing 5,000 square metres of land in an hour. The Croatian DOK-ING MV-10 does about the same amount of clearance.

The Ukrainian invention has also demonstrated a remarkably high tillage density with only 2 cm between the strips processed by the machine's working mechanism.

"We are currently in the process of certifying the machine and launching mass production. The vehicle was developed by efarm pro jointly with the manufacturers, so we don't need to look for additional production facilities and, if necessary, repair hubs. Given the needs of operators for mine clearance machines, there will be demand for this equipment," said Bezkaravainyi.

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