Third of German PzH 2000 howitzers in Ukraine already need repairs, to be sent to Slovakia

PzH 2000
PzH 2000

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Originally, German PzH 2000s were to be repaired in Lithuania, but due to the cost of transportation, Berlin next planned to send the howitzers to Poland for repair.

However, the agreement failed due to Poland insisting its company PGZ handled the repairs. Warsaw demanded confidential information about the design of the equipment, which, according to the publication's sources, cannot be given for reasons of commercial secrecy.

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The German military believes the howitzers are wearing out more quickly than anticipated due to the high a frequency of shooting, which puts a huge load on the howitzer’s loading mechanism, writes Spiegel. It said 100 shots a day was high-intensity use.

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Also, according to the publication, from the very beginning, the Ukrainian military tried to fire special ammunition at too great a distance.

In total, Germany together with the Netherlands transferred 22 systems of this type to Ukraine.

The Panzerhaubitze 2000 is a German self-propelled howitzer with an automatic loading system and a high level of automation of all systems. The weapon can carry 60 shells and 228 modular projectile charges.

The firing range for standard ammunition is 30 kilometers.

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