This extreme adventurer is living a life we all want

For 12 years, Andrew Muse has been living life on the edge. The content creator and self-proclaimed "multi-sport athlete" has hiked mountains and parks across the U.S. and, for some time, documented those travels in a YouTube series called "Tiny Home Adventures."

"I've dedicated my life to chasing my dreams," he told In The Know. "I think the pursuit of this kind of extreme lifestyle that I live comes from just finding solace in the mountains. I've always found myself to be the happiest when I'm pushing myself, when I'm in the mountains and when I'm doing something physically active."

During those journeys, Muse has had one special companion — his dog Kicker, whom he received as an eight-week-old puppy from a firefighter.

"We moved into this van, and we headed right up to Alaska, where (Kicker) stepped into all these crazy adventures just seamlessly with all this confidence, and he's just this incredible companion," Muse said glowingly. "He's able to ski, paddleboard, surf, kiteboard or do all these things with me, and he absolutely loves it."

Over the course of his travels, Muse has forged partnerships with multiple brands, including the Travel Channel, Go Pro, People magazine, Google and Land Rover.

Muse and Kicker even starred in a 2019 Super Bowl commercial for Mountain America Credit Union. Still, as thrilling as his journeys and opportunities are, challenges exist, he admits.

"The extreme lengths that we've gone through to make this life possible is just prioritizing the lifestyle over money," Muse said. "That means cutting costs where we can and living as frugally as possible to fund our adventures."

He's also paid special attention to the effect his trips have had on the environment.

"We're always picking up after ourselves and we do our best to leave the smallest footprint we possibly can," he said. "We try to preserve open space."

The ultimate sense of satisfaction, however, comes from being able to experience the unknown.

"I think that's one of the most inspiring things about being on the road," Muse said. "It's just meeting people and putting ourselves in positions that allow us to really take what we're doing to an extreme length."

You can watch the full "In The Know: Extreme Lengths" episode above.