This is what I want my friends to do if they have COVID-19 symptoms and are asked to go to the ER

Ashita Batavia
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    Due to COVID-19, people are avoiding the nation's Emergency Rooms when possible. Where I live, the ER is now drop off only, no 'visitors.' The doctor's offices have turned to 'Telemedicine' unless there's an urgent need to see the doctor face to face. Yesterday my stepdaughter dislocated her knee and we had to go to Urgent Care. Even that was empty and we were in and out within an hour. A lot of medical specialties, such as physical therapy, have furloughed their workers as demand has fallen, replaced by at home self-rehab programs. Even the number of daily car accidents have fallen where I live due to the 'Stay At Home Order.' Its a different world we're living in today.
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    Experts say if you are not having real difficulty breathing STAY HOME. The hospital will have no treatment for you, they might test you but they will send you home. But while there you will have to sit with and be where the other people who are possibly infected are, and your cold or flu could actually turn into the COVID virus you catch while there.
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    I can only speak from experience . I had just a dry cough mostly . However, the coughing was intense that I had to wear a pad. I dare. It to go to the Dr not ER because I have no any other medical issues, and I figure a lot of people could use it. I am the lucky one who had access to Telemedicine , to be exact Teladoc. They are a great alternative to going to the Dr or ER . You can see them virtually it they can give you a call . They can also prescribed and issue you a doctors note ...
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    Ok, they don't have a vaccine or a cure or anything, so, unless you really can't breathe on your own, just stay at home and treat the symptoms as best you can. There is no reason to go to the hospital!
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    I know over 20 people (one my daughter). who have gone to ER with Covid symptoms. Every one of them were told to go home and NONE of them were tested. They have all since recovered. . In my daughters case they gave her a z-pack and said take Tylenol and Robitussin. They told her she likely has the virus but does not qualify to be tested unless she has to be hospitalized. So assuming the trend is normal and they are not testing anyone unless they are in dire condition and need hospitalized. The numbers the media is telling everyone is WAY WAY off. 1.3% of people HOSPITALIZED die of the virus is way different than 1.3% of total cases when you are not testing all of the people with symptoms.
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    Every one says call your primary care physician. You can never get them. Plus, what if it is lunch time, after hours, or the weekend? And, who has a copy of their EKG report?
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    Ricky M
    I had to go to the Emergency Room this weekend. Chest pains They observed me over night. Found nothing wrong then sent me home!! I just wanted to see if I had any heart problems? Still don't know?
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    The doctor forgot 1, #6 the financial department wants you to bring your insurance card with you so they can manipulate your bill accordingly. If you are uninsured you are requested to bring a bag full of $100 bills.
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    As you come through the ER door---even if you can't breathe, the hospital is quick to ask, 'do you have insurance". It takes 4+ hours before you're seen by an MD and or receive treatment.There is nothing 'emergency' about a hospital's emergency room.
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    A#$%$a S. Batavia, MD, MSc, is a board-certified infectious diseases specialist and public health expert with extensive experience in treating epidemics. She works at Lawrence Hospital NYPH-Columbia. -----------------------------------------So why did she not tell the Mayor to shut down the subways 4 weeks ago!------you know--I can forgive Trump for pushing an unproven drug because of anecdotal evidence.I can forgive Cuomo and Deblasio for wanting to keep their economies going.---But The CDC, the NIH, All of these so called experts should have told anyone--the first thing you do is shut down these mass petri dishes called subways in your cities!