This Woman Is Not About To Let Anyone Steal Her Man Away

One woman’s found a brilliant (and completely unsubtle) way to make sure everyone knows her boyfriend is taken. [Photo: Imgur]

Most of us have experienced a moment where we worry that our partners may stray - or be hit on by other women - but one girlfriend has come up with a very obvious way to let the world know that her man isn’t free. 

She makes him wear a T-shirt covered in photos of her. Because nothing says “I’m taken” than a top boasting your partner’s face. 

And if the multiple photos aren’t obvious enough, the caption printed at the bottom of the T-shirt leaves potential suitors without a doubt. 

“If you are reading this, you are too close,” it reads. “I have a girlfriend.” And “girlfriend” is underlined, just to make things crystal clear.

The hilarious photo was uploaded to Imgur, with the caption, “His face says more than words ever could.” 

He definitely doesn’t look happy with his new apparel - and we can’t say we blame him….

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