Thornton Man Who Planned To Sell Athletic Shoes Robbed At Knifepoint, Forced To Drive To His Home By Suspects

A Thornton man who was planning to sell some athletic shoes to two other men on Tuesday wound up getting robbed by those men. That's according to officials with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, who said the man was taken against his will to his home at knifepoint and his car was also stolen.

Video Transcript

KELLY WERTHMANN: The Adams County Sheriff's Office is looking for suspects accused of meeting a man to buy shoes, then robbing him. That's one of today's top stories on CBSN Denver.

It happened yesterday at 55th and Federal. The victim met two men there to buy gym shoes. One of them showed a large knife, took the shoes and other valuables from the victim, and then forced him inside the residence.

Both suspects did get away and are facing kidnapping and robbery charges. Investigators are now interviewing witnesses.