‘I thought I was paralyzed’: Victim of Valentine’s Day crash speaks out; driver suspected of fentanyl intoxication

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Ricardo Barajas was enjoying his day off from work, preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his wife. In an instant, everything changed.

“It was Valentine’s that day, so I was just running errands, trying to get my wife, obviously some flowers and stuff,” said Ricardo Barajas. “Next thing I know I was just waking up to somebody screaming, ‘Wake up! Wake up!'”

The accused driver, Joanna BojorquezHiguera, had two prior convictions for DUI.

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Bojorquez Higuera allegedly spat on the officer and threatened to shoot him as she was being arrested. On Tuesday, when she appeared in court.

The prosecutor told the judge Bojorquez-Higuera was driving over 70 mph when she ran a red light and was driving while under the influence of methamphetamines and fentanyl, and tried to flee the hospital assaulting an officer.

A crash that happened in an instant, means three months of recovery for Barajas.

“He has bilateral clavicle fractures, and he also has a left wrist fracture,” said Jaemie Carreon, Barajas’ wife. “He’s actually going to have surgery tonight. They’re actually going to put metal plates on each because they’re really bad, they’re pretty bad.”

They say love helped Barajas pull through the pain.

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“I was scared, I was really scared, because I couldn’t feel my upper body at all,” Barajas said. “The only thing I could feel was my toes, so I thought the worst, I thought I was paralyzed.

“The whole dash was taken apart, and the first thing I saw was a picture of my son. I was just worried about getting better to see my son at the end of the day,” he said.

Joanna Bojorquez-Higuera pleaded not guilty to charges related to the crash. She is back in court on March 1.

You donate to help Rick Barajas and his family through their GoFundMe.

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