Thousands attend Barcelona rock concert after COVID tests

5,000 fans at the show for Spanish indie band Love of Lesbian had to wear masks but social distancing was not required.

Video Transcript


- The return of live concerts without social distancing. It's a moment many music lovers have been waiting for. 5,000 fans turned up to this show in Barcelona with confidence it wouldn't be a super spreader event. Everyone was tested for COVID-19 before being allowed entry.


INTERPRETER: It was quite good. At first, I was very nervous, because I was scared to be with so many people. And you had to do the antigen test and all that. But at all times, I felt very safe. The organizers have done a very good job.

- 18 nurses carried out antigen tests to filter out people with positive results. It took just a few minutes to swab each person in what could be the future of concerts in the coronavirus era.


INTERPRETER: People enter any of the three venues, do the antigens test, and leave pending their result. It arrives through an app on their mobile phone, and as it takes about 10 or 15 minutes, we ask them to wait out here.

- Similar events have been held in Madrid and Berlin recently. As more people are vaccinated, it could allow empty concert venues to reopen.

OKSANA PYZIK: In one sense, this is a plan forward. It is a way to ensure that economies can recover in the short term, but we also need to keep one eye about everything outside of our own borders. And I don't think that countries within Europe or UK are doing that sufficiently.

- Mandatory faces were a reminder that coronavirus remains a threat, but the experiment could be a blueprint for the global music and arts industry to rebuild audiences decimated by the pandemic. Barbara [? A, ?] Al Jazeera.