Thousands Biked, Ran Or Walked For 11th Annual Dolphins Challenge Cancer Event

CBS4's Karli Barnett reports Dolphins Challenge Cancer has pledged a goal of raising $75 million.

Video Transcript

KEITH JONES: All right. This morning, for more than a decade, the Dolphins Challenge Cancer event has brought together people from all over South Florida with one goal that goes far beyond bringing home a medal. Racers hit the road to walk, bike, or run to fund cancer research and hopefully, one day kick it for good. CBS4's Karli Barnett reports.

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KARLI BARNETT: Racers hit the road for the 11th year now. The Dolphins Challenge Cancer event bringing together 2,500 participants, both in-person and even virtually.

NAT MOORE: Well, this is one of the greatest things that the Miami Dolphins do. This is the largest fundraiser in the entire NFL. I mean, there's 32 teams, nobody does it like we do it here.

KARLI BARNETT: With rides ranging from 15 to 100 miles, the bikers grab their helmets, and their masks, but the effort extended far beyond the finish line with a mission of funding cancer research in hopes of helping find a cure.

DON MCNEAL: Because it's raising money for a great cause, and that's what it's all about, you got to give back.

KARLI BARNETT: Some, like former Dolphins cheerleader Alison Gadia, says they're ride for those who have lost their battles.

ALISON GADIA: My best friend Ben Solmor just passed away in January. He lost his fight with cancer. So I'm here today. I've ridden in the DCC in the past when he was alive, and now, that he's passed away, I'm riding today in his honor.

KARLI BARNETT: Others are writing for the survivors. Aaron Tarka, for his mother.

AARON TARKA: About 15 years ago, she was diagnosed with appendix cancer. It's a rare of rare cancers. And thankfully, she's still around today. She did some treatment, she got great care. She's still kicking, still fighting, so I'm still fighting for her.

KARLI BARNETT: Because in this race, everyone comes out on top, continuing a legacy of teaming up and stepping up to the challenge.

NAT MOORE: When you turn around and you look, 11 years later, and look around and see all the people participating and how much money we've raised, it just goes to show you that this is a great community to be a part of, it's a great community to live in. And as long as we continue to come together, it just makes it a better place to live.

KARLI BARNETT: Karli Barnett, CBS4 This Morning.