Thousands of dollars in rare comics stolen in break-in at Bellingham comic shop

The Comics Place comic book store in Bellingham was robbed Tuesday morning with the thieves making off with comics and Magic the Gathering cards.

Among the stolen comics was issue #48 of Fantastic Four, according to the owner.

“Any shops who want to know what our identifying marks on products are, please reach out,” he said.

That particular comic book is going for $32,000 on eBay, however, the one stolen copy from Comics Place was not in as good of condition.

The shop’s owner estimates that between $2,000 and $4,000 worth of comics were stolen in the break-in, although they’re still taking inventory to determine an exact figure.

Even though the owner is frustrated with the break-in, he says that there is an “amusing side” to the whole thing.

“I’d left Devendra Barnhart’s Insect Eyes playing at max volume as a prank for the opening staff. So the robbers got to listen to that at a deafening level,” he said. “And so did the five or six police who responded. Guns drawn. Flashlights splashing over comics and IKEA shelving while the Hills Have Eyes 2 trailer song blasted over the sound system.”