Thousands of dollars seized from luggage at Charlotte Douglas Airport

Authorities at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport say they seized thousands of dollars that were found stashed in a pair of pants last October.

Prosecutors claim the money is tied to drugs, but so far, no one has been charged in connection with the money.

Newly released court documents show federal agents used drug-sniffing dogs at the Charlotte airport last October, and the dogs alerted to a suitcase belonging to Laquan Savoy.

The court documents say after searching the suitcase, the agents found more than $7,900 inside the checked bag, along with remnants of a cannabis plant. No drugs were found.

According to the documents, Savoy told the agents he won the money at Two Kings Casino in Cleveland County, but he couldn’t prove that, and the casino didn’t back him up.

Savoy has a history including a felony conviction for hauling 39 pounds of marijuana from California to Charlotte in 2019.

Although Savoy isn’t facing charges in this case, prosecutors say he hasn’t legitimately worked in the last two years. They argue he spent more than $17,000 on at least 45 flights between the East Coast and California.

For now, the federal government is holding onto the roughly $8,000 that was seized, with prosecutors saying Savoy’s behavior is in line with that of a drug trafficker.

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