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Thousands Flock To Barclays Center In Brooklyn To Pay Respects To Rapper DMX

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Thousands of DMX fans paid their respects Saturday outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where there was a private memorial for the late rapper; CBS2's Cory James reports.

Video Transcript

- You, he was a true MC. He was straight from the heart.

JESSICA MOORE: Our top story tonight, right now the memorial service for rapper DMX just getting underway. Chopper 2 flying over the Barclay Center where thousands of people are remembering the music star.

Good evening. Thanks for joining us tonight. I'm Jessica Moore.

A procession for DMX started in Yonkers this morning, where he was raised, and then traveled to Brooklyn for the private service. CBS2's Cory James is at the Barclays Center now where the memorial may be private, but thousands of fans are paying their respects outside. Cory?

CORY JAMES: Jessica, the sheer crowd of people out here just shows the impact that DMX had on a number of his fans. We're talking hundreds and hundreds of people standing outside of the Barclays Center right now, some of them traveling out of state just to say their final goodbye.

On the back of this monster truck rested the body of a legendary rapper. He was born Earl Simmons, but known to the world as DMX. The New York native's red casket leaving his hometown of Yonkers and heading to Brooklyn.

Chopper 2 flying overhead during the Saturday morning procession. The NYPD temporarily closing down highways, like the Major Deegan Expressway, as the popular music artist was escorted some 20-plus miles to the Barclays Center.

- I've been listening to DMX since I was 13, 14 years old.

CORY JAMES: That is where thousands of fans waited to pay their respects.


CORY JAMES: Many of them still in shock that the 50-year-old star died two weeks ago from a heart attack.

- I couldn't believe i. He was a true MC. He was straight from the heart.

VENUS DEMILO: I feel like I knew him, and I never met the man a day in my life. And for him to have an untimely this type of-- it hurts. It really does.

CORY JAMES: But through the pain, a celebration of life unfolded inside the arena. It was a private memorial service and live-streamed online for everyone to see, honoring an icon who rode the waves of fame as an actor--

- Now he wants to be a club owner.

CORY JAMES: --rapper--

DMX: (SINGING) I'm fallin', I can't get up. Ay, yo, I'm slippin', I'm fallin', I can't get up.

CORY JAMES: ---and legend who rode out in true Ruff Ryder style.

And back here live here at Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue, you can see traffic is pretty much congested at this point. And just a few moments ago, the folks who were out here actually crowded in the middle of this intersection. Police have since kind of dispersed them to keep the flow of traffic going. But this just gives you a sense of how many folks are out here supporting DMX and also celebrating the life that he lived.

Now, his memorial service is expected to be tomorrow at 2:30, and it's unclear how long it will last. His funeral, though, is expected to be at 2:30 tomorrow.

For now we're live here in downtown Brooklyn at the Barclays Center, Cory James CBS2 News.

JESSICA MOORE: Incredible amount of support there, Cory. Thank you.