Thousands of houses decorated for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras parades are canceled due to COVID, so thousands of New Orleans houses are being decorated as floats. (Jan. 27)

Video Transcript


MEGAN BOUDREAUX: It's New Orleans. There's like a porch culture. We have where, you know, a lot of people have a stoop or a balcony, and it's a way that we can, like, decorate, and go all out, and direct our creative energy, and then, like, wave at everybody from a distance. And just, like, reverse the parade.

EILEEN TOMCZUK: I am so excited about the installation. I love all the artwork.


DORRIA AMER: We are just ecstatic, and it's almost like a parade in the neighborhood.

MEGAN BOUDREAUX: What I've been calling it is the parade at home order, as like a play on the stay at home order from last year. You can still throw things. That's actually a very socially distant activity. [LAUGHS]


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