Thousands Line Up To Benefit From Food Drives In Brooklyn Center Community

Multiple food drives and donation drop-offs took place in Brooklyn Center for those impacted by the boarded-up and temporarily closed down grocery stores, Marielle Mohs reports (1:00). WCCO 4 News - April 17, 2021

Video Transcript

- Hundreds of Minnesotans used part of their weekend to help people living in Brooklyn Center.

Brooklyn Center High School transitioned their gym into a large food and supply donation site, basically a makeshift grocery store of sorts. They're offering fresh produce and hygiene products to people living in that area and near the police department.

Since Daunte Wright's death, nightly protests have forced some convenience stores and grocery stores to temporarily close their doors. Other people are simply afraid to leave their homes.

LANGSTON HALL: A lot of people are scared to go out in public, and everybody's just nervous and on edge. And just simple things like going to the grocery store can be scary for some people, so just being able to come and pick up food is great and very accessible.

- The grocery store at this high school will be open every day next week from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. They need at least 80 volunteers a day to make this happen. They say you don't have to sign up. You just show up, and then they'll put you to work helping people out.