Thousands Of Miami-Dade Kids Will Be Heading Back To Summer Camp After Year Of COVID Restrictions

CBS4's Hank Tester how camps are making sure kids can come back safe.

Video Transcript

- Now, more of our continuing coverage of the importance of pivoting in a pandemic. A lot of children in South Florida missed out on summer camp last year. CBS 4's Hank Tester reports Miami-Dade parks are ready to welcome campers this summer. But with most everything these days, they've had to pivot to make it happen.

- School's almost out. Summer around the corner. For thousands of Miami Dade kids, it's back to the Miami Dade County summer camp. Summer camp after a year of COVID restrictions.

PATTY ABRIL: So it's been weird, and it's been tough on the kids. So I think being able to have a little bit of normalcy out in the outdoors is going to be good for them.

- Miami Dade County Parks and Recreation manages 278 parks, third largest in the nation. Summer camps for kids six to 14 keep the parks busy between June 14 and August 13.

- Last year, we attempted to have summer camps, and then we ended up having to close as COVID-19 started to spread.

- This year, a pivot. Camp is on, and so are the CDC summer camp guidelines as illustrated in video provided by the county.

- We are going to continue with the facial coverings. The workers there are in a constant state of cleaning. They have cleaning supplies out there ready all the time.

- The Parks and Recreation Department already has the protocols in place were in full effect during the after school park programs.

- And, of course, physical distancing is not always completely possible, especially when you're dealing with groups of kids. But they do observe the social distancing as much as possible.

- For example, the number of kids and nature groups, limited to nine. Kids will be health screened daily.

HANK TESTER: You need to sign your kid up fast, because camps are filling up. If you need information, check out our website, I'm Hank Tester, CBS 4 News.