Thousands Of North Texans To Receive 2nd Dose COVID-19 Vaccine This Week

NDenton County is opening up its hub at Texas Motor Speedway on Wednesday, Feb. 24, but all three days will be for second doses only.

Video Transcript

- Last week's winter weather still having an impact on vaccinations here in North Texas. Here's what we know right now. We've got a shipping delay that's forcing Dallas County to close the Fair Park drive-through site tomorrow-- not going to be open. Other counties are having shift-- to shift vaccination schedules as well. To get you all caught up, our Caroline Vandergriff explains.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: Last week's freezing temperatures and icy conditions brought vaccination efforts across North Texas to a standstill. The good news is it doesn't matter if people don't get their second dose on their exact day of eligibility.

MATT RICHARDSON: It's OK for that second dose to be delayed by a few days, even a few weeks, according to the CDC. And this week, we're back.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: Denton County is opening up its hub at Texas Motor Speedway on Wednesday. But all three days will be for second doses only.

MATT RICHARDSON: So we're hoping that by the end of the week, or even the beginning of next week, we're going to be caught up in Denton County on second doses that are-- that are eligible.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: Tarrant County Public Health is already caught up, running clinics over the weekend to give the second dose to people whose appointments were canceled by the weather.

Dallas County resumed its efforts at Fair Park Sunday and today.

- Absolutely smooth, fantastic, well-organized.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: Dallas and Tarrant Counties say second doses are all they'll be giving this week because the state cut their allocations for first doses.

CLAY JENKINS: The governor has diverted 42,000 shots a week from both Dallas-- and Dallas and Tarrant County combined.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: That's how much federal teams are bringing in this week to open up super site operations at Fair Park and Globe Life Field.

GLEN WHITLEY: The bottom line is we were told that our allocations-- our weekly allocations-- would not suffer as a result of, the-- you know, the deal that we were making to help the feds get ready and to bring extra vaccines into the area.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley says that's not happening. And if the state doesn't increase their weekly allotment, clinics across the county will be forced to shut down.

Caroline Vandergriff, CBS 11 News.