Thousands raised for Marengo gas station clerk shot in armed robbery

The Marengo community has already raised thousands of dollars to help the 35-year-old father of five.

Video Transcript

CATE CAUGUIRAN: Tonight, friends say Brian Pemble is in the hospital, and despite being in pain, is in good spirits. His Marengo community in a short amount of time has raised thousands of dollars to help the father of five.

Tonight, the small city of Marengo is helping to support one of their own, 35-year-old Brian Pemble.

ANGELA JOHNSON: This shouldn't have to happen to anybody. You go to work. You're making money. You're taking care of your family. And now, you know, you get shot?

CATE CAUGUIRAN: Pemble was shot overnight in an armed robbery at the Circle K Shell gas station where he worked one of two jobs. As investigators tracked down those responsible, people in his hometown are coming to his family's aid.

JUSTIN SEARLES: His lost wages because he got shot during a part-time job and he's got a full-time job. And so we're not sure how things are going to work out for him. So the church wants to be there to really meet the need in between.

CATE CAUGUIRAN: Pemble's church where he is a trustee has already dedicated thousands of in donations.


CATE CAUGUIRAN: And Angela and Richard Johnson, owners of Wholesome Pets Pet Supplies, plan to donate proceeds from pet nail clippings over the next two weeks and Saturday sales to the family.

ANGELA JOHNSON: This is what we do. We stick together. And we take care of each other.

CATE CAUGUIRAN: The couple also set up a collection fund, taking cash, credit card, and gift card donations for Pemble's bills.

RICHARD JOHNSON: Very, very heartfelt from everyone.

ANGELA JOHNSON: I mean, we had somebody come in and donate a very, very large amount. And she doesn't know this family.

CATE CAUGUIRAN: The donations received just from today, nearly $600.

ANGELA JOHNSON: I have no doubt in my mind that they're going to come out above this and they're going to definitely see how much Marengo loves them.

CATE CAUGUIRAN: Friends say Pemble should be out of the hospital hopefully in a few days.