Thousands of scientists in Sweden are criticizing the government for not implementing a lockdown to stop the coronavirus (Mark Abadi,Robert Leslie)
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    It will be an interesting experiment. It's going to keep making the rounds unless everything in the world is shut down and all travel and transport is stopped. If they can do it without overwhelming their hospitals than history will show they were smart about. We shall see in about 6 months or so.
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    As long as there healthcare system can cope with the number of patients, then they should stick to their current guidelines. The goal is for the virus to work it's way through the population so that herd immunity will eventually develop.
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    Sweden it looks like ALREADY engages in social distancing, not getting TOO CLOSE to people when they are out and about
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    687 deaths,, so far.. I don't know anything but can see this is going to be real bad.. Get out your dollar store calculator.. 28 days on avg from exposure to death.. With 1% death rate it means 28 days back 68,700 were exposed. Each person spreads to 2.5 people.. There is no way they are not going to have a big surge.. Wait a few days and see what they are saying.. My figures are based on what I see on the internet and changes daily but you get the point..
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    Happy times in Sweden until the numbers spike..........
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    Paul t
    That strategy didn't work for NY and it won't likely work for Sweden. It will just cause more death and a longer time to get back to semi-normal.
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    It's better to not have every country do the same thing. When there are differences between countries, it is easier to gauge what may be causing variation in the results.

    So, if Sweden wants to go their own way. let them do it. But, we can't let their people fly all over the world and re-infect people in other countries when other countries have shut down.

    Here's the thing. Even though most of the world has stopped the Wuhan Virus, doesn't mean we can go back to our old normal. At least not in the short to medium term. We have to stay somewhat hunkered down. How much? We don't know. But, it appears that we are going to stomp this thing out short term with only about 6% of the US population being infected. On the surface, that looks like a good thing. But, if only 6% get it, then we have only succeeded in improving the herd immunity slightly. We are going to have to stay at least somewhat hunkered down until about 2/3rds or more of the population has developed immunity.

    Everybody is hoping for a vaccine. And I mean everybody. However, a super fast track time to get a vaccine developed, make enough of it, inoculate 2/3rds of the people, and give them time to build immunity, is probably 12 to 18 months at best.

    Every time we try to stick our heads up, this virus will start proliferating and we will have to shut everything down again.

    So, while on the surface it appears that Sweden is making a poor choice, it could be that they are going to build up the herd immunity of their citizens faster than any country out there.

    I have so many friends saying that this is all blown way out of proportion, that we should never have shut down our economy. I don't know. I tend to think they are wrong. But, if Sweden goes their own separate way, we "will" know. And probably in the next 8 weeks or so.

    We cannot control or influence what Sweden will do. But, we can watch closely and learn from their successes and mistakes.

    So, lets do that.

    Best of luck, and God bless,

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    As of early afternoon today, 4/8, lax Sweden has 8,419 cases and 687 deaths. Next door Norway with stricter rules, has 6,086 cases and 101 deaths. Go figure........
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    One interesting piece of data would be how social distancing has impacted seasonal flu rates. One would think those are down relative to historic trends if social distancing helps.
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    Again we see people not understand "exponential" multiplication. I see Sweden praise has having the right approach for a week as they see few infections and deaths. Remember if the virus doubles in infections ever 3-4 days, it looks like this: Week 1- 1, 2; Week 2-4,8; Week 3-16, 32, Week 4-64, 128, Week 5-256, 512, uhoh, now I'm getting worried the curve is starting to go up. And remember, a 5 to 10 day lag time of symptoms from the time of infection we are now into week 6-1024, 2048 and hospitals, doctors, health care workers, 1st responders, morgues, funeral homes are all over run and can't handle the grief stricken relatives of lost loved ones because your over reacting in week 2 if you try to shut it down.