Thousands To Get Single-Dose Shots At Pittsburgh's Largest Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Clinic

It was day one of a very large vaccine clinic in Monroeville. Allegheny Health Network believes it's the largest clinic in this area to use the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine; KDKA's Bryant Reed reports.

Video Transcript


- Day 1 of a very large vaccine clinic is just now coming to a close for the day. Allegheny Health Network believes this is the largest clinic in the area to use the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and people in all phases were eligible. Bryant Reed reports from the site where AHN says the supply is now overcoming demands.

BRYANT REED: Allegheny Health Network says they only had about 900 appointments last night for today's clinic. That would have left them with a lot of extra vaccine on their hands, and that's what prompted them to open up this clinic to Phase 1C and, for the first time, walk-ups. All bets are off, and the vaccine floodgates have opened. As they lined the pavement, thousands are getting the J&J vaccine.

MADISON CYR: I think it's extremely convenient that I only have to get one shot, don't have to come back again.

BRYANT REED: As of this morning, AHN still had thousands of appointments available. So they put in a call to the state and were able to vaccinate Phase 1C and decided to open up for walk-ups, too. Madison Cyr saw the news and registered as soon as she could this morning.

MADISON CYR: And I wasn't actually expecting to get it this early. I think in Pennsylvania, we were kind of moving pretty slow. So I thought it would be a while. So the fact that I could actually make the appointment this morning, come in, and get vaccinated, it was kind of a relief.

BRYANT REED: AHN Chief Medical Officer Dr. Imran Qadeer says the decision was crucial to getting closer to herd immunity.

IMRAN QADEER: All vaccine shots prevent death and hospitalization nearly at 100%. In the end, that's how we're measuring effectiveness of a vaccine is preventing death and hospitalization.

BRYANT REED: For Phil and Trisha Iozzi, their appointments were booked and ready to go before news broke about the wider eligibility. They didn't know walk-ups were allowed until we told them, but they think it's for the better and hopped on their phones to tell their friends and family.

TRISHA IOZZI: Very nice to be able to start living life again and getting around people that we haven't been able to see for a long time. People have been so limited in who they can be around and who they can see that it's just-- it really is a blessing.

BRYANT REED: A couple of things to note here. AHN says they're not sure just yet if Saturday's clinic will include walk-ups also, but they've already booked more than 3,000 appointments for tomorrow's clinic. Also, whether you are a walk-up or you do have an appointment, you have to wait in the same line, but it's not terrible. It's only about 30 minutes from entry to exit. In Monroeville, I'm Bryant Reed, KDKA News.