Thousands still without power, water in Texas

A furniture store owner in Houston who helped people flooded out by Hurricane Harvey is helping the community again. Jim McIngvale is providing shelter to hundreds of Texans affected due to the record-breaking cold and statewide power outage. (Feb. 18)

Video Transcript


TINA RIOS: In the trailer there's no insulation or anything like that, so it's cold over there. And it was probably like 6:30 I called here because we live in, again, in Channelview, and I was about almost an hour, 20 minute drive over here at that time because of the trucks and everything. But I was just-- just trying to get them safe to be honest.

ERIC BENNIS: We can't. We can't afford to have them freezing, not being able to feed them. So it's-- it's a good thing that Mac does this, because like she said, we would be at home freezing right now.

JIM MCINGVALE: I got doughnuts. Get some kolaches over there if you want them. And lots of people coming in as a shelter from the storm. They're at home, they have no power, no lights, no electricity. So it's a disastrous cold as it is, so we're letting people in as a shelter from the storm, that's what we do. We all have a responsibility for the well-being of the community, and we think this is our responsibility.

YVONNE WOOLARD: We were fine up until 4:30 yesterday morning, when our power went out.


You know, they decided not to winterize our plants, so everything is failing. And something has to be done. Something has to-- somebody has to be held accountable.