Thr3 Jack Welcomes Back Twins Fans

Thr3 Jack Chef Robert Wohlfeil explains (3:18). WCCO Mid-Morning - April 8, 2021

Video Transcript

- If you're heading out to the Twins home opener or you want to get out during the game, why not stop by Thr3 Jack in the North Loop?

- Joining us live on Skype is Thr3 Jack chef Robert Wohlfeil. Chef, Thanks for being with us this morning.

ROBERT WOHLFEIL: Thank you. Thanks for coming into Thr3 Jack with me.

- Yeah, I know a lot of people know Thr3 Jack for its golf and its golf simulators. But this is something different, a whole bunch of outdoor celebrations planned for the Twins season.

ROBERT WOHLFEIL: Absolutely right. Yes, we are a golf place. But we're also a sports place. So we thought, what better way to celebrate sports than to celebrate the Twins coming back into town and playing some hometown ball.

- And you can't talk celebration without talking about the food. What are some of those items you have in front of you?

ROBERT WOHLFEIL: Well, if we're doing baseball, we got to do baseball favorites. We've got house-made Cracker Jacks, which will be given away free all day today for the home opener. And then ballpark dogs, I've got a giardiniera dog. I've got a Coney dog. I've got the classic ketchup, mustard, pickle relish. And of course, we have burgers and beer. Any time the Twins play, come on down for a burger and beer.

- What kind of beer do you have there?

ROBERT WOHLFEIL: Well, this is, again, one of our neighbors, our friends in Northeast. This is The Old Trusty from Able Brewing, just a really nice light lager. Goes perfect for sitting outside and watching some baseball.

- So how does it work? Do you need a reservation? When does it start? When can people come down?

ROBERT WOHLFEIL: Sure. This Saturday, 11:00 to 6:00, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We're doing this event outside. Reservations, yes, are technically required. But we're going to be taking names and contact info for any kind of tracing if you just show up and want to sit down and grab some food.

- How do you want people to feel when they come inside, when they take that first bite of all those delicious foods prepared? How do you want them to feel when they sink their teeth into it?

ROBERT WOHLFEIL: You know what? This is a pastime. We didn't want to go too crazy and new. We just wanted to celebrate what baseball is, which is a big part of American sports, American pastime. So that's what the food was designed to do, just bring you all back to that.

- So you have your patio party, the first one, on April 10th. But this is something that you're going to continue all throughout the summer?

ROBERT WOHLFEIL: Yes, monthly throughout the summer season we'll be doing these patio events. Food might change a little bit. But the goal is to get people here, get people outside, keeping them social distanced and feeling safe, but just really having a great time.

- Because how has business been during this pandemic for you in the North Loop?

ROBERT WOHLFEIL: We've had our downs. We've had our ups. And right now, we're feeling really confident and excited for this summer and how things might grow into the future.

- And I mean, having this outdoor space makes a huge difference, right?

ROBERT WOHLFEIL: Absolutely We're on a really nice courtyard we share with some of our restaurant neighbors. And it is just a really exciting space to come out and either meet or hang out with friends or start or finish your evening.

- And just to have those folks coming back through the doors, it's got to be an awesome feeling.

ROBERT WOHLFEIL: It's incredible, yes, it is.

- OK. And just a reminder for everybody, where exactly are you located in the North Loop?

ROBERT WOHLFEIL: We are it 729 North Washington. We are on a courtyard with the Free House and the North Food Galley Food Hall.

- All right, Chef Robert Wohlfeil with Thr3 Jack, thanks so much for being with us today. And have a great time this weekend.

ROBERT WOHLFEIL: My pleasure. Thank you for having me.