Thrasher looks like another nightmare-inducing game from the artist behind Thumper

It's coming to PC, consoles and VR in 2024.

Puddle / Creature

The Game Awards got off to a flying start with a string of fascinating announcements during the pre-show. One of the freshly revealed games that's coming your way soon is Thrasher, which is from Brian Gibson, the artist and composer behind the 2016 nightmare factory Thumper.

Gibson (who is also the bass player in the band Lightning Bolt) teamed up with Rock Band VR and Fuser alum Mike Mandel to form Puddle Games. Gibson handled Thrasher's art and music, while Mandel was responsible for coding and research and development. The pair collaborated on the design.

Thrasher will see you take control of a space eel at the dawn of time. You'll need to master "fast-paced gesture controls" to evolve this creature into a so-called megabeast. While it might not be a direct sequel to Thumper, the trailer suggests it'll share some of the previous game's DNA. It seems like there will once again be mind-melting visuals to match a pulsating, anxious soundtrack. I'm terrified already.

Thrasher is coming to Meta Quest and other virtual reality platforms in 2024. It'll arrive on consoles and PC at a later date.