Three beauty tips for staying cool this summer

·2 min read

When hot weather conditions take hold for many days, it can be tricky to cool off if you don't have access to an air-conditioned environment or have the option of cooling down with a dip in the sea or a pool. But what about cosmetics that combine a refreshing effect with lots of other skin benefits? Here is a roundup of products that can help you avoid long and not very environmentally friendly cold showers and cut back on time spent in front of the fan.

Fresh face masks by Lush
A generous dose of vitamins along with nutrients, and minerals from freshly picked ingredients... That is what Lush is offering with these masks that combine deep cleansing and freshness. There is a multitude of different types with various and varied virtues and scents: they include Catastrophe Cosmetic (blueberries, calamine), Cupcake (rhassoul mud, cocoa powder, fresh mint), and Prince of Darkness (coal, sea salt, lavender essential oil). These appetizingly fresh beauty treatments are available online and from Lush stores.

Laneige Water Science Skin Refreshing Mist
Renowned for its playful moisturizing products, which often combine multiple benefits, Laneige has created this mist to refresh and nourish all skin types, even the most sensitive, during periods of high heat. Formulated from cypress leaf extract, this conveniently packaged product, which restores hydration, radiance and freshness, can be used over makeup or as a base.

What it dew refreshing makeup spray by Fenty Beauty
Sprays that have no other purpose than to help you cool down on hot days have been around for some time, but Rihanna's brand is offering something more with "What it dew": an ultra fine mist enriched with plant extracts which is both cooling and hydrating. An action made possible by an ultralight formula combining borage and cornflowers. It can be used throughout the day thanks to a portable format "What it dew baby," but also before and during makeup application to prepare the skin and facilitate the application of products.